The heart of every successful business depends on marketing. So, will your business be successful or not – it all depends on the marketing. The major things that every good marketing should cover are advertising, promotions, public relations and sales.

The big question is what marketing really does? It is a process in which a service or a product is introduced and then promoted to all the potential customers. If you don’t have proper marketing, you can offer the best products in your niche but no one would even hear of it.

So, without marketing, many companies would close because their sales would crash. Now, let’s see why marketing is important in order for your business to be important.

If you want your business to be successful, the service or the product you are offering must be well known so that you will have ample potential buyers. If your business is unknown to the community and you don’t have any kind of communication with your customers you need to use marketing strategies to create awareness for your service or product.

Not having proper marketing may cause that potential customers are not aware of any offers your business has to make, and your company can lose the opportunity to expand and become successful. So, if you use marketing to promote your company or institute it will give you a chance to be discovered by many potential customers.


Let’s call it marketing. Since the Lion share of potential customers spends a great deal of time online, All the marketers try to communicate and converse with them on digital platforms. Wherever the audience goes, the brands follow them. They should. Or else, they will lose the race of grabbing their attention and convert. Marketing is always marketing and now just the platforms are digital. Now, you may ask, is there anything unique or special about digital marketing when compared to traditional channels. And the answer is YES!!!! For instance, if and when you launch a campaign on digital platforms, you can track the performance by monitoring user’s interaction, their behavior and fine-tune the campaign for better performance if needed. Digital marketing empowers marketers to source data, profile the users and target only the ideal target audience. So that advertisers do not have to fly blindly and that is why now every small to large firms are shifting their focus towards digital marketing.

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Originally published May 2, 2019