A Powerful community of like minded people who wake up early and follow the MASTI Routine (Meditation- Affirmation- Spiritual Mantras- Transformation - Imagination) every day with Koach Ashishh live on zoom.

About Mentor

Armed with the power of neuroscience and NLP, Ashish Pandey has embarked on an awe-inspiring mission to unleash the incredible potential of the subconscious mind. His personal transformation from an underprivileged individual to a Motivational Speaker is a testament to the immense power hidden within each of us! 🌟💥

🎓✨ With his divine gift of NLP skills, Ashish Pandey has already motivated and trained over 1 Lac (100,000) people nationwide through his captivating FREE and paid programs. But he isn't stopping there! His ambitious goal is nothing short of transforming the lives of 1 million individuals by the year 2025. Together, we can achieve greatness!