The best and uniquely designed beginner-level NLP course is for all self-development seekers and life transformers who can further become a coach or mentors to transform the lives of others.

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500+ Participants have already rejuvenated their subconscious mind using the same system designed by us and are also helping others and monetizing by sharing their knowledge as NLP Practitioners.

₹ 6,800.00

21 Days mind programming podcasts to heal your health & relationships

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Other NLP Courses


A perfect course for coaches, teachers, trainers, and Healers to uplift their careers.

₹ 19,995 INR


A course to build the money mindset of the participants to attract Abundance.

₹ 9,996 INR


Recorded NLP commands to practice NLP at home after the course completion.

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Why Learn With Us?

Ashish Pandey is an ex-Govt Banker & Inspirational speaker who came from a very common family and achieved most of his success by using the power of his subconscious mind. He is god gifted with NLP skills and he has already motivated & trained more than 1 lac people across the country and on a mission to  transform 1 million lives via 2025


    21 Days podcasts to heal your health and relationships using NLP therapies and activities and rejuvenate your subconscious mind completely.

   7 Days Money NLP Podcasts to develop a money mindset of the participants so that they can attract abundance in their lives.

   Bonus sessions of Yog Nidra and Telepsychics for better sleep and relaxation.

   Twice in a week live sessions on Zoom for continuous motivation towards the new learning and to understand the theory behind the activities.

   Goal-setting sessions to accomplish all-time Health, Wealth, and Relationships goals of the participants.

Benefit of taking this course?

Heal Your Past

Often we live with a lot of past painful memories which are not letting us move ahead in our life, this course will help you to rejuvenate your subconscious mind and live a happily successful life.


At the end of this course, you will also be certified as the Diploma in NLP which nicely sets the ground for your NLP Practitioner certification journey.


You must have heard from a lot of people that the law of attraction doesn't work for them and they become non-believers this generally happens due to incorrect manifestations. In this course, you will learn the correct way of doing manifestations.

Live session

Apart from the daily podcast sessions, we will meet live twice in a week to understand the theory behind whatever we are doing in the recorded podcast sessions. These motivational live sessions also bring great clarity to the mind of the participants.

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