Top 20 mostly hidden and untold secrets of unconscious mind which can completely transform your thinking patterns.


Ashish Pandey (Koach Ashishh) is an NLP Trainer and Mind Programming Coach; he is an ex-Govt Banker Inspirational speaker, 10X Memory Trainer and Coaching business startup mentor. He came from a very common family and once working for a cloth shop at the age of 12 for just 20Rs/day. He had worked with MNCs & Government Departments and left his well-paid job to bring changes into the life of  common people he is now helping millions of people to unleash the power of their subconscious mind using neuroscience which is also the secret behind his transformation from a poor guy to a Motivational Speaker. He is God gifted with NLP skills and he has already motivated & trained more than 1 Lac people across the country via his FREE and paid programs and on a mission to transform 1 million lives via 2025.